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Tax audit


tax auditing assistance by tributum tax advisorsOur tax consultants are seasoned practitioners and conduct tax audits with rigour and the same kind of framework of procedures (checklist) as for a traditional financial audit. 

For example, our tax consultants can meet your requirements for a tax audit prior to the purchase or acquisition of a participating interest in a company – so as to gain a more objective view of any significant risks – or an audit upon sale aimed at establishing a better base for an objective selling price.

A periodic tax audit (our advice is that one should be carried out every five years) enables you to gain an external, clear, independent and objective view of the potential impact of recent tax laws on the continued activity of the business, even in the case of small organisations. It serves to put right, in a timely fashion, any omissions or areas of confusion, all of which are extremely harmful if they appear during a subsequent tax inspection.

In practice, a tax audit comprises interviews with the managers of the company and its auditor or accounting officer, parallel to the conducting of the audit steps applied to the company’s accounting records and legal documents (contracts, accounting situations).

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