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Tax inspection assistance


evaluation of your company's tax riskThanks to our experience, we offer you knowledge of the internal mechanisms of the tax authorities, which means that we can ensure better management of the tax risk inherent in any decision of an economic order.

We provide pertinent answers to the following questions:

  • How can you go about consulting the tax authorities?
  • What are the taxpayer's actual guarantees?
  • What attitude should be adopted vis-à-vis the tax authorities if a particular situation is at a standstill?
  • What are the kinds of tax audit that you should expect?
  • Are unexpected spot-checks still possible? How should you deal with these?
  • The crime of tax evasion, and the borderline between evasion and the least taxed means.
  • Developments concerning tax disputes, access to your file with the tax authorities.
  • How do the courts interpret tax law? What is the value of similar jurisprudence?

    We propose nourishing the taxpayer in its legitimate concern for tax security.

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