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Non-resident and expatriates

we help you to analyze tax treaties

Expatriate assignment management services

Companies and expatriates are more and more faced with new international mobility challenges: demand for highly mobile international workforces increase every day. New markets, new technology, travel and communications require efficient solutions to face a multitude of situations and issues above and beyond the need to file personal income tax returns.

Our activities & services:

  • drafting and follow up of tax declarations for expatriate tax status : consulting in connection with the belgian special tax system, creation and defense of applications, planning a short term overseas secondment.
  • personal tax consulting: tax compliance for foreign executive staff
  • national and international remuneration advice (company car policies, expatriation policies,
  • salary split , stock related compensation, etc..
  • consulting on your individual projects, (e.g. tax optimization, tax efficient individual investment in Belgian real estate, etc.)

How can Tributum help your business?

Tributum offers tax services as well as expatriate assignment management services. We also offer immigration assistance in a view of high value added services to maximise efficiency and keep costs reasonable.

Why choose Tributum?

Our service is personalized: we propose high value services here in Brussels for both companies and their executives: it means benefits for your business, and trouble free assignments for your expatriates & executives. We also offer a detailed knowledge of local issues.

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