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Professionals and senior executives

Tributum tax advisors assist you in individual tax matters

Personal income tax for professionals, senior executives and self-employed persons.

  • Personalised advice with a view to the elaboration of a genuine tax strategy in the medium and long term: personal finance, top-up pension schemes, life insurance policies, etc..
  • Computerised preparation of tax returns, the statutory appendices thereto and the compulsory tax statements.
  • Assistance, meticulous preparation and advice with a view to a controlled management of tax inspection on site or in our offices; traditional inspections, "AFER" (notice of tax register abstract) inspections and VAT inspections.
  • Management and preparation of replies to requests for information and to notices of rectification, as well as tax claims to be lodged (note: deadline reduced to six monthes!).
  • Tax calculation simulation and advance-payment strategy.
  • Optimisation in the event of the carrying-over or recouping of professional losses, the yielding of capital gains or the declaration of foreign income.
  • Employees: evaluation of real professional expenses, customised computerised tax appendices

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