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Company creation and financial plan

creation of a new company: tax elements

You establish a company ? Consulting a tax expert BEFORE you sign the articles of incorporation of your future company with the notary in most cases leads to not inconsiderable tax savings! And what if this were to have creation of a new company: tax elements are a real impact for your company on the tax front.

So, you've got your appointment with the notary-public… who immediately advises you to create a limited liability partnership, whereas your best friend has extolled the benefits of a limited partnership: no notarial deed and no minimum capital. In the end you hesitate. And what if there was an impact for my company on the tax front?

And the financial plan? Your company's working capital requirement?

You no doubt know the principle of the compulsory financial plan, but what financial data should go into it? Is there an increased responsibility for the founding members? On the basis of experience, the element most often missing in financial plans is the working capital requirement! How have you calculated your company's WCR?

How do you get your company up and running very quickly?

The company form and the financial plan do not pose any problem for you. What you're interested in is getting your new company established QUICKLY (in less than 3 days) and efficiently. Our long-standing expertise is at your service!

What should the date of closure of your accounting period be?

Your notary has suggested his standard articles of association, the date of the deed of incorporation has been set, and the company's new bank account has been created… A friend calls you. Have you optimised the date of closure of the accounting period for your company?

How do you establish a company in Belgium from abroad?

You normally reside in the UK, USA, Australia… and you want to establish a company in Belgium without having to travel ? You can.

  • Do you see yourself reflected in any of these questions?
  • You don't really have any contacts in Belgium yet (banks, notary-public, accountant, tax expert) and you would like to receive some guidance from a genuinely independent firm of tax consultants?
  • You have a very sizeable workload on the professional front, and would like to offload all the formalities before the notary (for the signing of the deed) and in respect of the enterprises office (for registration, and the enterprise/VAT number): no problem. Tributum sprl will handle everything!

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