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Reducing your taxes: a reality

our tax consultants are specialized in tax optimization

If there’s one exciting thing about life, it’s that no situation is set rigid for good, and major changes do happen – sometimes completely out of the blue. One only has to think of the revolutions that have recently affected Arab countries, and which would have been totally beyond the realms of probability just a few years ago.

There are plenty of pleasant surprises to be had in the tax world, too, and our tax advisers are there to help you find them!

How and why do we end up paying too much tax?

Very often because taxpayers know very little about the huge number of new tax measures that are taken every year: complex laws, executory royal decrees that are not very clear, regional decrees that people are unaware of, and incoherent administrative circulars. This has led to some amendments to articles of the Tax Code having been voted on in the federal parliament when the articles in question had previously been repealed!

To top it all, many of these measures – which are sometimes retroactive and often iniquitous – are very quickly invalidated by the courts, which brings the legislator back to square one.

One of the not insignificant effects of this distance between the State and the taxpayer is to accentuate still further the iniquity of certain tax measures: unfavourable tax mechanisms, such as confiscatory tax rates and the ceilings on tax deductibility, are often applied automatically, whereas the possibilities for exemption, tax reductions and tax relief are options that a taxpayer, immersed in the day-to-day business of his professional activity, is unaware of! And who could blame him, for that matter?

Tributum tax consulting offers you a genuine alternative: put questions to us, and give us an outline of your income situation. Tax benefits that have been overlooked often appear, and if that is not the case sometimes all that is needed is a change of professional status or a less evident modification of the structure of your income or professional expenses in order to bring about a change in the “fiscal order”.

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